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Статья «LOW-TEMPERATURE RADICAL ISSG OXIDATION OF SILICON, "Электронная техника. Серия 3. Микроэлектроника"»

  • Chernyaev M.V.1
  • Gorokhov S.A.2
  • Patyukov S.I.3
  • Rezvanov A.A.4
стр. 69-75
1 “MERI”, SC, 2 “MERI”, SC; MIPT, 3 “MERI”, SC, 4 “MERI”, SC; MIPT
Ключевые слова:
  • radical oxidation
  • kinetics of silicon oxide growth
  • exponential growth law
  • self-limiting oxide thickness
The kinetics of single wafer radical oxidation of a silicon during a low-temperature (500…800 °C) in situ steam-generation (ISSG) oxidation process based on hydrogen combustion is investigated. To determine the constants of radical oxidation, the obtained dependences of the oxide thickness on time at different temperatures and fixed other parameters of the technological process were used. It is shown that the rate of low-temperature radical ISSG oxidation corresponds to the exponential growth law. The self-limitation of the oxide thickness observed at temperatures below 700 °C is of great practical importance for the formation of a thin dielectric with a thickness of less than 1 nm, since it allows to control the process of oxidation by temperature, and not by processing time as with standard thermal oxidation.
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