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  • KOROCHKINA Victoria A.1
стр. 48-54
1 St. Petersburg University
Ключевые слова:
  • Palestinian resistance movement
  • Mahmud Abbas
  • Palestine Liberation Organization
  • Dahlan
  • Rajoub
  • Israel
  • Middle East
The article deals with insights into the present Palestinian political landscape which is going to be changed - if not these days then tomorrow. Leader of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) or simply Palestinian Authority/Autonomy (PA) or according to the Israeli version "the Former Autonomy" for the last 13 years the 82-years old Mahmoud Abbas together with his FATAH team is in the thick of behind-the-scenes struggle for power. This political activity hardly bears any relation to the people's aspiration of "Palestine's liberation from Zionist occupants". To the contrary this ritual agenda is being explored by ruling Palestinian clans in purpose of keeping or getting the power. Palestinian resistance movement since 2007 is divided between FATAH, which governs in the West Bank Ramallah, and HAMAS in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian political institutions go on withering, never getting a chance to be properly formed since Oslo agreements [1993-1995]. Palestinian leaders are fading away day by day losing credibility among Palestinians because of their inability to deal with socio-economic challenges and political aspirations. Inner Palestinian disagreements and related to them external pressure is the largest block on the road to a Palestinian state. One might jump to the conclusion that there could be the break through the impasse only when the new Palestinian generation reconsidered previous generations' agenda and aspirations. Unfortunately even in this case there would be hardly any peaceful solution because from all appearances with the situation going on like this the Israeli society will be radicalizing more and more. Until then the profound crisis of political perspectives in the Palestinian arena and rapidly changing political environment in the Middle East region as a whole are blackballing Palestinian national resistance movement.

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